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Hi, my name is Roman from I come from Austria and I live in the beautiful city Vienna. I used to be a freelance Webdeveloper, always with a passion for Design and Concepting. Currently I am working fulltime at the awesome company Codeship but feel free to contact me about whatever. Personally I always love to dig into new challanges.

On my Medium-Blog I write about work related and some personal stuff. If you like it, feel free to share it in the world wide web and drop me a comment over at Twitter or on my Facebook page. Of course I do stuff on Github. If you are more interested in design you can find some stuff on Dribbble.

Tools and Skills

As you know the web is a place with a very high pace. It's pretty hard to keep on track but thats a challange and I love this about my everyday work. The following list should give you some insite on Tools I am currently working with.


Good frontend architecture speeded up a clients page by 40%

Nah... I don't create buildings but I am pretty good in building a relyable structure for the frontend code. Using Dependency loaders for Scripts, or BEM approach for the CSS creates easy to maintain Sourcecode. At some point projects may grow or someone else needs to lay hand on some code. Luckily its clean, well structured and documentend so you won't loose hours to rewrite and research.


I also do workshops for companies. Just email me.

On a regular basis I make talks at various Meetups and teach students on the Technical Highschool in St.Pölten (FH St.Pölten) I am also aiming to go and talk on some conferences, as this is something I really enjoy. And I started a Screencast Series on my Youtube Channel where I will post various Videos and tutorials on some codestuff I do.

Roman Kuba

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