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Roman Kuba

Hi, I'm Roman - I live in Austria (Lower Austria) with my wife and our two kids.

I'm a Senior Engineering Manager working at CodeSandbox (Previously GitLab and Cloudbees) and have a solid background in programming and web development.

I studied Media Technology at FHSTP in Austria in 2007 and finished in 2012 with a master in mobile development. While I have no clue about mobile development today I was able to put so many other things to good use around development.

I went full on self employed in 2012 and soon was able to work with international clients. As my work was very agency like, where I collaborated with amazing talent from different fields I fell in love with product development and working on one thing for a long time.

2014 I joined Codeship, a small CI/CD Startup, and that's where my whole product journey started. During that time I was able to dive into many different areas, grew as engineer and learned new things every single day. Soon I started to talk at various conferences and especially in the Vue ecosystem I was able to apply much of my day-t0-day work as engineer with a big focus on testing.

Eventually though I made a for me very natural switch from Engineering to Management where I am able to work with amazing Software Teams since 2018.

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